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View below to see how to join the Beth-El Fellowship of Visionary Churches. 


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Step I:  Application Form


Complete and submit membership application.

Click here for Beth-El FVC Application.

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Step II:  Ecclesiastical Member Affiliation Agreement


After prayerfully reviewing your Application, the Ecclesiastical Member Affiliation Agreement (in booklet form) will be sent to you to review.  In many cases, the Agreement is reviewed and discussed with the Executive Director or President and CEO of Beth-El Fellowship of Visionary Churches for clarification and to answer any questions.

Click here for Agreement.

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Step III:  Signature


Both parties, i.e. an Authorized Representative (Executive Director or President and CEO) of Beth-El Fellowship of Visionary Churches and the Senior Pastor (Church or parachurch ministry founder/pastor) sign and date the Covenant Agreement.

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Click here to access our new members packet.

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