The Church: The Family of Families: A Black Perspective on What the Bible Has to

You may be saying to yourself, "another book on the family," or you may be wondering why a book on the Black family? Is there any difference between a Black family and any other family? I say definitely! 

The racial and cultural differences that exist among all peoples of the world necessitate that their problems be different and unique. I do believe that, in essence, all families have basic similarities. This would be true from my point of view for a number of reasons. 

First of all, since we all come from common ancestry (according to the Bible), it stands to reason that all family living grows out of that ancestry. Second, I believe profoundly in the Bible, God’s Holy Word. I believe that the Bible gives principles that cover every situation and circumstance of life. Furthermore, the Bible specifically gives principles for stable family living. These principles are good for all people no matter what race, color, or creed. 

Yet, it is the interpretation and application of these principles to unique groups of people that needs much attention. Without proper interpretation and application of the Bible to our own lives and circumstances, we will not benefit from it.

--Bishop Joey Johnson


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